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A script for on set calls
On-Set Calls
Certain audible calls are made on set to cue the talent and shoot crew, in a certain order.

1. To begin capture

A.D. -  “Moving on to shot X”
(where X is the filename used for motion capture and 1 is the take number)

2. Mocap system operator will confirm shot and reads the shot name back

MOCAP OPERATOR - “Copy that moving on to shot X take 1”

3. The database operator confirms that they heard the beatname and take correctly.

DATABASE OPERATOR - “Copy that. X take 1 is up”

4. The mocap operator quietly confirms with the other crewmember that everything is ready amongst the mocap team before they  begin

MOCAP OPERATOR - "video ready?"
video operator replies 'video standing by" or "hold for video"

MOCAP OPERATOR -"Database ready?"
Database person replies "database standing by" or "hold for database"

MOCAP OPERATOR - "slate ready?"
slate person replies 'slate standing by" or "hold for slate"

when all the members of the mocap team report they are 'standing by' the mocap operator says to the A.D.

MOCAP OPERATOR - “Mocap Ready  on X take 1”

5. The A.D. calls for the actors to get ready to tpose

A.D. - "Tpose Positions Please"

6. once the actors are in a position the A.D. calls

A.D. - "Tpose Please"

7. once the actors are all in a tpose the A.D. calls

A.D. - "Roll Mocap"

8. The mocap crew replies

MOCAP OPERATOR - "Mocap Speed'

VIDEO OPERATOR - "Video Speed"

SLATE PERSON - "Slate speed"

9. The A.D. calls for the slate

A.D. "Slate in please"

10. Once the slate has been clapped the A.D. calls for everyone to take their positions

A.D. - "First marks please"

11. when all actors are in place the A.D. signals the director that they can take over by pointing at the director

(– with a one second pause between and action.)

12. When the talent has completed the shot, the director will call cut


13. the AD will cue the actors to do a final tpose

A.D. - “Tpose please ,….and….cease fire”
– allowing enough time for the actors to get into a good tpose position before calling ‘cease fire’

if the initial slate was incorrect the A.D. will call for a 'tail slate' before they call 'cease fire'

(cease fire is the mocap / video teams cue to stop rolling)
(Tail slate is the slate persons cue to slate the end of the take, by holding the slate upside down when they clap it)

14. If another move were required, the A.D would call

A.D. - “Going again, for take 2”
(– or for whatever next take number it would be)

OR if no more moves were required the A.D would call the takes that the director like best and move on

A.D. - “Take 3 A, take 2 B, moving on to shot Y”
( - with Y being the next shot)

15. The mocap operator would confirm

MOCAP OPERATOR -  “Copy that, going again for take 2”


MOCAP OPERATOR - “Copy that , 3A, 2B”
MOCAP OPERATOR - "copy that, going again on take Y of [movename]"

– and the process would repeat.

The standard is always to capture two takes of every move, so that there is at least always ONE backup for every shot, in case of some problem with one shot or another.