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oscars hate mocap? HUGO WINS FOR BEST VFX??? Really?
Monday, 27 February 2012 21:07

They wuz ROBBED


Whats up with the academy?

Do they HATE mocap?

It seems they dont vote for it, whatever they may feel about it.

Tintin shut out of the Animated Oscar running....not even a mention......

Rise of the Planet of the Apes losing to HUGO for VFX?

Andy Serkis not being able to compete for Best Actor.


I think that since more actors vote on oscars than any other craftspeople in the film industry....

..they fear it...and so dont vote for movies that contain it.

And animators are afraid for their jobs when Motion Capture is used.


So the powerful players in Hollywood continue to shut out projects that involve Motion Capture in the hopes that they can make it wither on the vine.


Motion Capture movies employ a lot of animators. Motion Capture movies feature a TON of animation, yet arent considered to be 'animated'.


Motion Capture performances are ACTOR DRIVEN. They REQUIRE actors. Unlike traditional CG which does not.

Somehow Actors dont fear computer generated effects like they do 'Motion Capture'.

I'm not sure where all this 'digital prejudice' comes from. Perhaps its just that people fear what they don't understand.


Its sad that Andy Serkis was robbed AGAIN and not even considered for a Best Actor nod for his role as Caesar.

Its suprising that Hugo won out over photoreal apes that carried an entire movie with their emotional connection to the viewer, a feat thats is hard to do for an entire cast of CG characters.


Oh well.

Just like all prejucide...its will eventually cease to be an issue. Motion Capture CANNOT be 'killed off' as its JUST film all over again. Its not a flash in the pan technique...its the future of the film industry.





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