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how much unevenness in a mocap studio floor?
Hey there,

I'm curious how many motion capture studios out there have measured the contour of their floors.  If so, what are your results?  what amount of unevenness is easy for your pipeline to deal with?

Obviously, an XSENS system would handle unevenness fairly well, as it assumes the floor is perfectly level. 
What about other systems?

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Re: Studio Floor: How much uneveness is within spec?
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2011, 02:30:10 PM »
Its really about how you solve the motion..

and what kind of CG floor the motion will be placed onto and pathed across.

if you have a solution that has a 'floor constraint' like motionbuilder for doing your characer solving then an uneven floor can be a big deal as it will cause the characters to have bent knees in the higher sections and 'stiffy legs' or knee snap in lower areas..

if you use a Globally optimized solver then this wouldnt be an issue if you had the marker weighting set up correctly to compensate.

alternatively, if you have no way to control retargetting mocap data foot positions to CG floor surfaces in post, just having a capture floor that doesnt match the CG floor can cause all sorts of issues.

...and if the ultimate target for the motion is a game engine then the game engine will put feet down on floors properly so as long as the solve looked good the game engine takes care of the rest.

I know at mainframe an even floor was an issue that had to be fixed. it was something small like a difference of .5cm in the low areas.

I know that SCEA had their entire studio floor laser levelled before it was built.

on Matrix II and III we poured a custom cement pad that was perfectly level.

If I can, I make the floor level at all the studios I work with.

But more than that, I try and match the capture floor to the CG environments floor on a shot by shot basis, as closely as is practical to make the motion more accurate and have to be retouched less in post.